Rare White Lion To Be Auctioned Off And Shot By Trophy Hunters

A rare white lion, named Mufasa, is set to be auctioned off and shot by trophy hunters in South Africa.

Mufasa, who was confiscated three years ago as s cub, is infertile, so the government believes the only value he has is to be bought by a hunting company, notes the Daily Mirror.

There are less than 300 white lions in the world.

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition to South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs calling for Mufasa to be spared.

The wildlife sanctuary Wild for Life is raising money online to fight the auction in court:

Comedian and animal rights campaigner Ricky Gervais tweeted about the big cat::

Shame on the pathetic sadist who pays the money to shoot this animal, and shame on the snivelling coward who accepts the money too. Both worthless.

(Sources: Daily Mirror, GivenGain.com, SABC Digital News/YouTube)

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