Racists Smash Black Mom’s Car Window, But Are Not Taken To Jail

An African-American mom, Thaniyyah Hutchinson, said she called the police on July 1 while witnessing five white people attack a black man, but then they turned on her in Norwich, Connecticut.

Hutchinson recalled the mob jumping on the hood of her car and yelling racial slurs to WTIC: 

They kept hitting him and he kept falling, but he kept getting up. They called me n*gger, they called me b-i-t-c-h, told me to get the “eff” out of here, they called my son names, they called him half racial, they called him a mutt.

Lt. John Perry of the Norwich Police Department said the cops witnessed some of the incident:

Especially when the officers were over there, they had witnessed some of the derogatory remarks and bigotry statements.

Police said a 15-year-old smashed Hutchinson’s back window, and glass shattered all over her toddler who was sleeping at the time.

Hutchinson said she fears for her life:

You all destroyed me. I feel hurt, I’m scared, I don’t know who to trust, this is at my own corner store where I look over my shoulder and I can’t take my baby to the corner store.

Police charged four adults and the teen with multiple crimes, but did not take any of them to jail. Instead, they were each given a summons to appear in court.

After the soft touch, Perry pretended like there was zero tolerance:

We have a zero tolerance policy within this police department and we will not stand for any actions like this.

(Source: WTIC)

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