Racist Woman Goes on Rant Against Black Security Guard

A white woman went on a racist rant against black security guard, Rodney Jackson, after she was asked to leave a party at an apartment building in San Diego, California:

If you’re going to act like a n*gger, then I’m going to call you n*gger. I don’t f*cking care!

Jackson recalled the bizarre incident to KGTV:

I was trying my best to diffuse the situation, and she just continued to antagonize. It kind of caught me off guard because I’ve never dealt with anything like that before. She went outside and started arguing with some people walking back, I asked her to come in the building, and I’ll call her a cab.

My mother and my grandmother, they raised me never to let anyone get me too upset to where it gets me out of character or changes the person that I am. They raised me to be a strong black man.

(Source: KGTV)

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