Racist Minnesota Shopper Tells Woman: ‘Go Back To Mexico’

An unidentified man recently told Guadeloupe Castillo and her three children to “go back to Mexico” inside a Menards store in West St. Paul, Minnesota.

Guadeloupe accidentally found herself in the gardening department. As she tried to figure out which way to go next, two of her kids sat on a patio furniture couch.

Guadeloupe told City Pages that the man shot a disapproving glare at her kids:

It was a bad kind of look, as if they were misbehaving. Even though I was in front of them, I knew what my kids were doing and they weren’t doing anything wrong.

According to Guadeloupe, the man told her youngest kids: “Don’t touch stuff if you’re not going to buy it.”

“I told him, ‘If you see my kids doing something wrong, you talk to me, not them,’” Guadeloupe recalled.

“Go back to Mexico!” the man countered.

“Excuse, me,” Guadeloupe asked. “What did you just say?”

“Go back to Mexico,” he repeated as Guadeloupe filmed him on her cell phone.

A second man walked up and told the first man: “You shouldn’t be racist, you piece of sh-t.”

(Sources: City Pages, Yani G. Benitez/Facebook)

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