Racist Driver Mocks Asian-American Veteran In Road Rage

An unidentified woman recently went on a racist road rage against an Asian-American veteran, James Ahn, in Fremont, California.

A passenger in Ahn’s car filmed the woman making racist eye gestures and yelling: 

This is not your f*cking country. This is my country! Oh my God, Chinese ugly, ugly Chinese!

Ahn, who is Korean, recalled the incident on Facebook:

I was driving in Fremont last week and this lady started the racial harassment while threatening me on the road only because I wasn’t driving fast enough for her.

Clarification: I was driving at the posted speed limit of 35mph but she wanted me to move out of her way cause she was speeding.

As I changed the lane, she kept driving towards my car gesturing to crush me and cutting in front of me to slam on the break.

I later realized that this was more like a hate crime than a road rage.

There was no other incident before my friend started filming her to save the road rage footage of her incase she ended up crushing my car.

We did not say anything to her other than looking at her wondering why she was misbehaving as shown on the video.

I have her license plate number and planning to file a hate crime charge against her.

Please share so you can stay way from this racist in case you see her on the road.

FYI racist lady, this is my country since I am a citizen plus veteran currently serving this country. Do not disrespect anyone by their race!

Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques told the New York Post that no charges will be filed:

What we have here is hate speech. And we met with her and she does not deny that she did any of this. But she claims he started it by saying to go back to her country.

All that we could establish is that this was derogatory remarks between two parties. There was no threat and there was no crime committed. We did document everything in a report and we classified it as a disturbance.

You could call this hate speech but as horrible as it is — and we clearly don’t condone any of it — it is protected by the First Amendment.

The other piece of this is that these two motorists were driving in traffic yelling at each other and the situation could’ve been worse for other drivers around them.

Ahn did not comment.

(Sources: New York Post, James Ahn/Facebook)

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