QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Flock To Trump’s Michigan Rally

Supporters of QAnon conspiracy theories flocked to President Donald Trump’s rally in Grand Rapid, Michigan on March 28 (more video below).

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe that powerful members of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and George Soros take part in Satanic worship and sick criminal acts involving children.

QAnon’s believe that at some point Trump will announce thousands of sealed indictments against his political enemies, who will be executed or imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

NBC News Ben Collins reporter filmed and tweeted QAnon supporters waiting in line outside Trump’s rally with an alarming caption:

I’ve been covering Qanon for a year, and the amount of pro-Q people in this video from yesterday’s Trump rally line in Grand Rapids is absolutely shocking. This is just a portion of it.

(Sources: Ben Collins/Twitter, Quirky FollowsQ/YouTube)

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