QAnon Believers Are Heartbroken on Biden Inauguration Day, Create New Conspiracy Theories

QAnon believers expressed their shock and delusion while Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Right Wing Watch reporter Jared Holt tweeted a hilariously sad QAnon forum.

The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer tweeted more sob stories.

NBC News journalist Ben Collins tweeted more deluded and disappointed QAnon followers.

TIME journalist Vera Bergengruen also tweeted the QAnon faithful falling apart.

Media Matters researcher Alex Kaplan tweeted QAnon message boards and Telegram channels that show the conspiracy theorists moving the goalposts to justify their insane delusions.

(Sources: Jared Holt/Twitter, Ben Collins/Twitter, Will Sommer/Twitter, Vera Bergengruen/Twitter, Alex Kaplan/Twitter)

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