Pulitzer-Prize Winning Science Journalist Explains the Problems With Pfizer Vaccine for COVID-19

Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Laurie Garrett explained the problems with the recently-announced COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer during an interview with Democracy Now.

(Garrett also wrote about the vaccine’s problems in Foreign Policy)

Garrett said the “90 percent” success rate of the vaccine was “based on seven days of data,” and eight people became ill, so it is unknown how long the vaccine would work after seven days.

Amazingly, seven days of data is all Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” requires.

Garrett also noted the lack of “published data” about the vaccine, and she questioned how many states and cities have the deep freeze-equipment, or dry ice, to keep the vaccine in its required temperature of 100 degrees below zero.

(Sources: Democracy Now, Foreign Policy)

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