Puerto Rican Woman Schools Pence On Hurricane Damage, Deaths

Everlinda Burgos lectured Vice President Mike Pence on the damage to Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria during an awkward photo op.

In a moment filmed by NBC News, Burgos informed Pence where the damage was and what the death toll was, which contradicted the Trump administration:

Don’t go to San Juan. Go inside the country where I live. I live in Naranjito, that’s inside the country.  You’re not going to see anything outside the country.

Right now, inside the country is where you’re going to see the disaster. Where you can’t,  there’s towns you can’t go in.

You don’t know the people that have died there because they don’t know, they don’t have no communication. You know?

So, right now they say 18 people died. No, no, no. We have more people died. But we don’t have no communication. So, go in… Thirty-four today. Right now, that’s what they say outside.

I know the president went to another part, not in the center. I would like you to go to the center because that’s where the disaster is.

Pence told Burgos that the federal government was going to help Puerto Rico, and she replied, “I hope so.”

(Source: NBC News/Facebook)

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