Public School Teacher Brags About Forcing 1st Graders To Memorize Bible Verses

Susan Schobel of Brown Primary School in Smithville, Texas, posted a video on Facebook on Nov. 1 of her first-grade students reciting a “daily Bible verse,” Romans 12:9-10, with rehearsed hand motions.

School-sponsored Bible readings and prayer in public schools are unconstitutional per the 1963 Supreme Court case Abington School District vs. Schempp.

Schobel defended her illegal school-sponsored Bible readings and prayer on Facebook:

Despite her tough talk, Schobel removed the Facebook video, but not before a parent made copy, which YouTube subsequently censored.

Parent Ashley Nicole wrote a letter to the school district, notes the Statesman:

This is not okay. I am truly shocked. I am concerned about how this is getting handled.

Parent Charlie Lucko also wrote a letter to the district, calling the practice “religious indoctrination”:

This was a “daily Bible verse” which leads me to suspect that this has been an ongoing thing. I highly doubt that no one on the faculty was aware of this.

Smithville schools Superintendent Cheryl Burns said “we are aware of it and have addressed it.”

Schobel did not respond to a request for comment.

(Source: Statesman)

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