Psychiatrist On Fox News Blames CNN For Mass Shooting

Michael Welner, a forensic psychiatrist, tried to rest some of the blame for mass shootings, such as the one that happened in Las Vegas, on the cable channel CNN.

Welner told the Fox News show “Fox & Friends” that CNN was somehow demonizing gun owners, which somehow contributed to mass shootings:

I think that CNN’s going to have to answer how they demonize gun enthusiasts and how CNN actually contributes to mass shooting. And I think that they do… Absolutely, people who are gun enthusiasts and who are populists or nationalists in this country are dehumanized. They’re demonized… His mind-set is that they deserve to die.

Welner offered no actual proof for his claim about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s motivations, but added:

What I am saying is when you kill complete strangers and try to kill as many as possible, you’re trying to create a spectacle.

In 2015, Weiner tried to link the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California to the “state of feminism in Muslim countries,” noted

In 2012, Weiner appeared on “The View” where he told the hosts not to focus on guns after the Sandy Hook school shooting:

The major myth of this that we are all making a mistake about is to focus on guns and mental health at the bottom of this. Guns may make things worse, guns may be a contributor, some people are mentally ill and deserve help and need help but aren’t getting it — I get it — but that’s not why this is happening.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube, RawStory.comABC-TV via YouTube)

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