Project Veritas — Run by Convicted Criminal James O’Keefe — Accuses CBS News of Telling Medical Workers to Fake COVID Testing, But Never Shows CBS News Employees Doing So

The right-wing activist group Project Veritas, run by convicted criminal James O’Keefe, has released a covert video that claims CBS News faked mobile coronavirus testing during the May 1 broadcast of “CBS News: This Morning.”

An unidentified source secretly filmed Cherry Medical Center employees in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who spoke about using other employees as “patients” up on hearing that CBS News was going to film them to doing mobile coronavirus testing outside the medical center.

Project Veritas said the CBS News crew got the hospital staff to line up in their cars so to make the mobile COVID testing look busier, however, not one CBS News employee appears in the video or confirms that claim.

“In a statement to Project Veritas, CBS News accused Cherry Health of adding staff to the queue without their knowledge, and said the Cherry Health portion of the report would be removed,” notes the Daily Beast.

In March, right wingers falsely claimed there was not a coronavirus crisis by filming hospital parking lots, reported NBC News.

(Sources: The Daily Beast, Project Veritas/YouTube, The Washington Post, NBC News)

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