Progressive Icon Noam Chomsky Says ‘Failure To Vote For Biden in a Swing State Amounts to Voting For Trump’

During an interview with The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan, progressive icon Noam Chomsky slammed the #NeverBiden people who have declared they will sit out the 2020 presidential election.

Chomsky compared these #NeverBiden hold-outs — who include some Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign staffers and supporters — to the Communist Party who refused team up with Social Democrats to stop the Nazis in Germany in the early 1930s.

Chomsky said the 2020 presidential election appeared to be a rerun:

So let’s take the position #NeverBiden, “I’m not going to vote for Biden.” Well there is a such a thing called arithmetic. You can debate alot of things, but not arithmetic.

Failure to vote for Biden, in this election, in a swing state amounts to voting for Trump. It takes one vote away from the opposition, which is the same thing as adding one vote for Trump.

So if you decide you want to vote for the destruction of organized human life on earth, for the sharp increase of chance of a nuclear war, for stuffing the judiciary with young lawyers who will make it impossible to do anything for a generation; then do it openly, say, “Yeah, that’s what I want.” But that’s the meaning of #NeverBiden.

(Source: Mehdi Hasan/Twitter)

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