Pro-Trump White Militia Group Promises To Protect Georgia From Black Candidate Stacey Abrams

A white militia group in Georgia is promising to defend the state from black gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams (video below).

The pro-Trump group, III% Security Force Intel, posted their message on Facebook on Nov. 3:

III% Security Force
Exclusive Report on Midterms
To Air on Monday.
Spoiler alert.
Monday you will see III% Security Force tell the world that We have President Trump’s 6. If commies win Tuesday and go forward with usurping and impeaching, you gotta come
through III%. We will defend our President.
We want President Trump to kick the shit out of deep state / police state. And Stacy Abrams for Governor in Ga, you flag burning, gun grabbing, socialist beeotch. we will defend our state and the second amendment.
Tune in Monday for the exclusive.
Guns Up !

(Source: III% Security Force Intel/Facebook, Chris Hill/YouTube)

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