Pro-Trump Radio Host Fired After Her Racist Rant Against Construction Crew for Speaking Spanish

Pro-Trump radio host Dianna Ploss was fired from WSMN in Nashua, New Hampshire on July 12, after she filmed herself going on a racist rant against a construction crew for speaking Spanish to one another on July 10.

The Daily Mail reports that Ploss was going to work when she overheard a white worker speaking Spanish to his co-workers, and went on a rant:

Are you speaking English? It’s America. English. English. English… Is anyone here illegal? It is America. Speak English.

A Black man approached Ploss and confronted her: “Why are you harassing these people?”

Ploss responded:

Are they in America?’ … Then they should be speaking English...

He’s a Black man, and he’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman who’s practicing white privilege because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all these guys doing this work in Spanish.

(Sources: Dianna Ploss via Instagram, Daily Mail)

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