Pro-Trump Pastor’s ‘America Is A Christian Nation’ Billboards Are Removed After Complaints

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a longtime Trump supporter, saw his “America Is A Christian Nation” billboards taken down in Dallas, Texas, amid complaints.

Outfront Media removed the billboards, which it called “anger provoking” in a statement to the church, reports the Independent Journal Review.

The Dallas Morning News notes that the billboards were an advertisement for a “Freedom Sunday” worship service on June 24 event at First Baptist Dallas, which will include indoor fireworks, “inspiring patriotic worship,” “salute to our armed forces” and Jeffress’ “special message.” 

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings responded to Jeffress’ exclusion of other faiths, which make up the Dallas population:

That is not the Christ I follow. It’s not the Dallas I want to be — to say things that do not unite us but divide us. I never heard those words, that voice come out of Christ. Just the opposite. I was brought up to believe: Be proud of yours, but do not diminish mine.

Naturally, Jeffress warned of Christian persecution:

It should greatly concern people of any faith when those in the press or government proactively seek to defeat, censor, or silence any religious message with which they disagree. I would not object to someone placing a billboard that said, “America is NOT a Christian Nation” or “America is a Muslim Nation.”

In reality, Jeffress whined and complained on Fox News about a billboard campaign in 2014 by the American Atheists (video below).

(Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Independent Journal Review, Fox News via YouTube, Photo Credit: Robert Wilonsky/Twitter)

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