Pro-Trump Pastor — Who Says Jews Are Going to Hell — Declares Democrats Can’t Question Amy Coney Barrett About Her ‘Handmaids’ Religious Group

Pastor Robert Jeffress — who has said Jewish people are going to hell — told Fox News on Sept. 25 that Democrats cannot question Amy Coney Barrett’s religious beliefs, which include membership in a religious group, People of Praise, that referred to women as “handmaids” until 2017:

[Barrett] needs to look the senator in the eye and say, “Senator, Article VI of the Constitution that you say you uphold prohibits you from using any religious litmus test to judge my suitability for office. You can ask me about the Constitution, my judicial philosophy, the law, or the weather, and I’ll answer those questions, but any question about the specifics of my faith is completely out of bounds.

(Sources: The New York Times, Fox News via YouTube)

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