Pro-Trump Pastor Wears Military Helmet While Claiming Christians Are Under Attack– By Safety Rules to Prevent COVID-19

Pastor Jack Hibbs — of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California — wore a military helmet while claiming on Aug. 7 that Christians were being persecuted by state health guidelines.

Hibbs — who opened his church on May 31 against California COVID-19 safety rules — attacked California officials for telling churches not to hold indoor services because of the high likelihood of spreading the deadly coronavirus, which has infected five million and killed 163,000 Americans.

The Friendly Atheist noted Hibbs’ bizarre claims:

Hibbs also compares the virus to the flu (which is a lie), claims masks are unhelpful (another lie), and pretends elected officials are trying to “destroy” churches (total lie).

The church is not “under attack” from California. The church is attacking others by hosting unintentional COVID-spreading parties because of pastors’ own selfishness.

(Sources: Friendly Atheist, Jack Hibbs/Facebook)

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