Pro-Trump Pastor Says Democrats Are ‘Increasingly Becoming a Godless Party’

Pastor Robert Jeffress, who has supported President Donald Trump during his numerous godless scandals, whined on Fox News about Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee,, who said that conservatives follow Fox News and what their pastors tell them about politics.

Jeffress tried to pretend that conservative churches are actually good places of news and political information:

The most damning concession that the DNC chairman has made is that people who get their information from churches are likely to “shun the Democrat party.” And there’s a reason for that! The Democrat Party is increasingly becoming a godless party! And I mean that literally.
A few years ago, they tried to remove God from their party platform. Millions of Americans saw that. Not only that, they have unbiblical views of sexuality and certainly abortion.
The Bible is actually silent on abortion, although there are passages that call for infants to be killed. Jeffress, who once claimed abortion caused 9/11, went on to rant about that topic again:
Here is a party that not only allows, but actually celebrates the right to murder 1.4 million children in the womb every year. And good Christian Democrats are having trouble reconciling their faith with the Democrat platform…
(Source: Dallas Observer, Fox News via YouTube)

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