Pro-Trump Pastor Says ‘Coordinated Attack On Abortion’ Rights ‘Is A Great Thing To Witness’

Pastor Robert Jeffries of First Baptist Dallas told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on May 20 how the recent attempts to ban abortion in Republican states was “coordinated” and a “great thing to witness,” notes Media Matters:

And what we’re witnessing is nothing short of an all-out coordinated attack on abortion in America, and it couldn’t come any more sooner than this. It is a great thing to witness…

The Supreme Court probably won’t overturn Roe, but it is going to diminish it, and that’s good news for people who don’t want to see children sacrificed on the altar of convenience. And Lou, none of this would be happening without the support of President Trump. Pro-life advocates feel like we finally have a friend in the White House in President Trump.

Ironically, Trump was criticized by Christian anti-abortion advocates this week for supporting abortion in cases of rape, incest or the mother’s life in danger, reports the Christian Post.

(Sources: Media Matters, The Christian Post)

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