Pro-Trump Pastor Robert Jeffress Slams Evangelical Meeting That Criticized Trump

About 50 evangelical Christian leaders met at Wheaton College in Illinois on April 15 and 16 to talk about how  the evangelical movement is becoming too closely associated with President Donald Trump, notes Religion News Service.

The meeting took place as Trump’s evangelical advisers are planning a June strategy meeting with Trump to discuss the November midterm elections.

One of Trump’s evangelical advisers, Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, used a condescending tone to slam the Wheaton meeting and his fellow evangelicals to CBN:

It’s a meeting that will have very little impact on evangelicalism as a whole. Many of them are sincere but they are having a hard time understanding that they have little impact on evangelicalism.

One of those with “little impact” is best-selling author Pastor Tim Keller of the megachurch Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, which has helped plant new churches all over the country.

Katelyn Beaty, editor-at-large of Christianity Today, quoted Keller from the Wheaton meeting on Twitter:

(Sources: Religion News Service via The Washington Post, CBN, Katelyn Beaty/Twitter, Photo Credit: Dr. Robert Jeffress/Twitter)

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