Pro-Trump Pastor Robert Jeffress Falsely Claims Newspaper Tried To Censor Religious Message

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas falsely claimed that the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings tried to censor his “America is a Christian Nation” billboard, which caused so much outrage that the billboard owner chose to take it down.

Dallas Morning News columnist Robert Wilonsky and Rawlings both criticized the billboard as being divisive, but they never called for censorship of the billboard, which advertised Jeffress’ June 24 message.

Jeffress told Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes on June 18 that the criticism of the billboard was an attempt of censorship:

It should greatly concern people of any faith when those in the press or government proactively seek to defeat, censor or silence any religious message with which they disagree. We don’t believe Dallas city officials have any right to directly or indirectly be involved in censoring a church’s message.

Jeffress insisted that America was founded on the principles of the Christian faith, but failed to mention the “historical evidence” those principles included the slavery of blacks, not allowing women or non-property owners to vote, and using children for free labor: 

The reason liberals are threatened by my message “America is a Christian Nation” is they know the evidence is on my side.

The reason those on the Left do not want people to hear my message is that they know the historical evidence is on my side that America was founded on the principles of the Christian faith. We will not be deterred as we defend the foundational values of our country.

(Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Todd, Fox News Radio, Photo Credit: Robert Wilonsky/Twitter)

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