Pro-Trump Pastor Robert Jeffress Claims To Be Last Hope Against ‘Godless, Immoral Society’

Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Dallas church claimed on March 23 that conservative Christians such as himself are the “last speed bump on the road to the godless, immoral society that liberals dream of.”

The pro-Trump pastor made his usual claims of persecution during an interview with Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel:

It’s always open season on conservative Christians by the media. But let me tell you what’s going on here, Lou. The reason this is happening is: Liberals know that conservative Christians are the last speed bump on the road to the godless, immoral society that liberals dream of, and that is exactly why they are attacking them…

This is a new day in America, I believe, Lou. And we thank President Trump for creating a new atmosphere where people feel emboldened to share their faith.

John Fea, a Christian and Chair of the History Department at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, noted on his blog that Jeffress held a “March for Eternal Life” to counter the historic anti-gun violence “March for Our Lives” rally:

After Dobbs dismisses the “March for Our Lives” going on today in major U.S. cities, Jeffress says “we can’t rely on legislation alone to deal with guns. It’s a heart issue.”

So let me get this straight–we should rely on the legislation and the President of the United States to deal with religious liberty, abortion, gay marriage and [add your favorite Christian Right social issue here], but on guns “it’s a heart issue.”

Jeffress has the audacity to stage his “March for Eternal Life” event on the same weekend as the “March for Our Lives” event.

…Jeffress’s event also suggests that the “eternal life” concerns of American evangelicals are somehow disconnected from the pro-life issues taking place today during the March for Our Lives rallies.

(Sources: Fox Business via Vimeo,

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