Pro-Trump Pastor Refuses To Step Down After Ex-Wife Says He Abused Her, He Blames Media

Pastor Greg Locke of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, said in a Facebook video on April 30 that he is not stepping down.

The Trump-supporting pastor was accused of abuse by his ex-wife Melissa, reported Pen & Pulpit in March:

She and her caretakers also showed me hundreds of text messages between Greg and Melissa. The vitriol with which Greg Locke addressed his wife of 20 years in those text messages is unbecoming of any man, especially a Christian pastor. Melissa revealed to me that Greg Locke has adulterous plans for his church secretary, Tai McGee, Melissa’s best friend. Locke has filed for divorce from his wife and plans to begin a romantic relationship with Tai once their divorce is final. Additionally Locke, during periods of losing his temper, has physically abused Melissa.

Greg didn’t mention any of the alleged abuse claims in his Facebook video.

Instead, he blamed the media and played the victim card, notes the Friendly Atheist:

[T[he last six months or so, there’s been a lot of vitriol, a lot of lies, deception, assumptions. The news media has been massively horrendous. It’s been hurtful.

It’s been a lot of basketball-sized ulcers, a lot of chewing fingernails… and a lot of sleepless nights… It’s been a very difficult road, especially the lies and the foolishness and the nonsense and the made-up stuff…

… There have been thousands of people that have called for my resignation from the church, that I step down as a pastor, that I burn my ordination certificate, and all of that…

Pastor Greg Locke is stepping down from what the critics think about me. I’m stepping down from what the leftist media thinks about me, what the liberals think about me, what CNN thinks about me. They can try to burn my life to the ground all they jolly well please. I’m stepping away and stepping down from what the LGBTQ thinks about me. I’m not gonna back up, pack up, slack up, or shut up until I’ve been taken up by the glory of God…

(Sources: Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook, Pen & Pulpit, Friendly Atheist)

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