Pro-Trump Pastor Promotes Sean Hannity’s Atheist-Bashing Film, Attacks Sen. Ben Sasse

Pastor Robert Jeffress promoted “Let There Be Light,” a film that bashes atheists and is executive produced by Fox News host Sean Hannity, on Oct. 22.

The film stars Kevin Sorbo as an atheist dad who hates Christians, drinks too much booze and is bitter at God because of the death of his son. The Sorbo character is almost killed in a car accident, and then becomes a Christian (video below).

Jeffress welcomed Hannity to the First Baptist Dallas church to promote the film, a move that was criticized by Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska on Twitter:

Jeffress responded by not turning the other cheek, but rather firing back at Sasse:

Hannity also attacked Sasse on Twitter in the name of Jesus:

In reality, Hannity and Jeffress did promote the film as well at the 10:30 mark.

Hannity told the church at the 9:00 mark that he did not like liberals, which drew applause from the Christian audience.

(Sources: First Baptist Dallas/YouTube, Ben Sasse/Twitter, Ben Sasse/Twitter, Dr. Robert Jeffress/Twitter, Sean Hannity/Twitter)

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