Pro-Trump Pastor Brags About His Armed Churchgoers

Pastor Robert Jeffress of the Dallas First Baptist church, who once said he’d  support Donald Trump over Jesus Christ for president, bragged about his armed congregation.

Jeffress told “Fox & Friends” that a heavily-armed church would prevent a mass shooting like the one the happened in Sutherland Springs, Texas:


I’d say a quarter to a half of our members are concealed carry. They have guns and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that… 

They bring them into the church with them. And if somebody tries that in our church, they may get one shot off, or two shots off, but that’s it — and that’s the last thing they’ll ever do in this life.

As a matter of record, there are no Bible verses that call for bringing weapons to church.

Mother Jones noted in 2012 that it is an NRA myth that arming more people prevents shootings because shootings have actually increased as the number of gun owners have increased. It’s also a myth that a “good guy with a gun” can stop a mass shooting.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Mother Jones)

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