Pro-Trump Group Turning Point USA Deletes Anti-Mask Tweet After Co-Founder Bill Montgomery Dies Of COVID-19

The pro-Trump group Turning Point USA deleted a tweet that mocked mask wearing after Turning Point USA co-founder Charlie Kirk announced the death of co-founder Bill Montgomery from complications related to COVID-19, reports Business Insider.

The anti-mask tweet featured a picture of actor Nicolas Cage with a photoshopped message: “Me not wearing a mask while a leftist screams at me from their car from across the parking lot at whole foods.”

Kirk said on his June 26 that mandating that people wear masks was wrong, reported Media Matters:

Do not force me to wear a mask, it’s that simple. I’m not gonna do it, I’m not. The only time I comply is on the airlines because I actually need to fly the airlines to be able to do my job and travel the country so I can deliver truth to you and make an income and grow Turning Point USA. So that’s the fight I do not fight. But every single time I go into one of these grocery stores, “Where’s your mask?”

I say, well first of all, the science around masks is very questionable, very questionable. In fact some people, some doctors think that masks actually make you sicker and have you less likely to be able to get oxygen and more likely to infect yourself, and less likely to be able to fight the virus, and actually more likely to be able to die sooner. A lot of people believe that. I’ve met many doctors that hold that view.

(Sources: Business Insider, Media Matters, Turning Point USA/Twitter)

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