Pro-Trump GM Workers Don’t ‘Want To Hear’ Facts About GM Factory Closing

Pro-Trump General Motors workers in  Lordstown, Ohio reportedly “don’t want to hear” the facts about why a GM factory is closing in their town.

According to CNN, this area supported Trump by 30 points in the 2016 election because most people bought his wild pie-in-the-sky promises of expanding auto-manufacturing jobs.

The GM workers are not angry with Trump, who dinged the car industry with massive tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum.

Another cause of the plant closing is the Chevy Cruze, which is not selling and is being discontinued.

CNN host Poppy Harlow asked reporter Cristina Alesci if the workers understood that GM is in dire straits with changing consumer demand.

Alesci said the community did not want to hear about those facts:

No, the community doesn’t really want to hear that right now.

(Source: CNN via YouTube, Photo Credit: WKBN)

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