Pro-Trump Evangelist Jim Bakker Suggests His ‘Silver Solution’ Could Stop the Coronavirus

Pro-Trump evangelist and convicted felon Jim Bakker suggested on his TV show that his “Silver Solution,” which he claims kills all venereal diseases, could also stop coronavirus in under 12 hours, reports Right Wing Watch.

Bakker attempted to get Dr. Sherrill Sellman to jump on his false claim:

This influenza, that is now circling the globe, you’re saying that Silver Solution would be effective?

Dr. Sellman claimed the “Silver Solutions” had eliminated other strains of the coronavirus — even though there are no known medical cures for viruses:

Well, let’s say it hasn’t been testing on this strain of the coronavirus, but it’s been testing on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours. Totally eliminates it. Kills it. Deactivates it. And then it boosts your immune system, so then you can support the recovery, ’cause when you kill the virus then your immune system comes into action to clear it out. So you want a vibrant immune system as well as an ability to deactivate these viruses.

The Friendly Atheist notes the lack of medical credentials for Dr. Sellman:

For what it’s worth, Sellman isn’t a real doctor. She’s a naturopath who boasts of having “simple solutions to complex issues”… As we’ve said before, this product won’t cure anything, but there are serious side effects. On [Bakker’s] website, there’s a link specifically for California residents — a Proposition 65 Warning — that says “This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

(Sources: Right Wing Watch, Friendly Atheist)

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