Pro-Trump Evangelist Franklin Graham: Pray For New Jersey Mayor Who Opposes History Lessons In Schools

Evangelist Franklin Graham is calling for people to pray for Mayor Alfonso Cirulli of Barnegat Township, New Jersey, who opposes a new school curriculum requiring students be taught LGBTQ history as part of U.S. history.

Graham issued his call against legitimate history lessons on Facebook:

Love this guy—he’s got a lot of guts! Mayor Alfonso Cirulli is coming under fire for saying that the LGBTQ agenda is “an affront to Almighty God.”

At a meeting last week, Mayor Cirulli of Barnegat Township, New Jersey, voiced his concerns about a new school curriculum mandated by the state requiring students be taught LGBTQ history. He said, “No group has a right to force others to comply with their beliefs, deprive them of their First Amendment rights, and strip the rights of parents of how to morally raise their children.”

He qualified that these were his own personal opinions which didn’t represent the entire committee, and he urged residents to contact the governor and other state lawmakers to ask them to reverse the law. In the world we live in, the truth of God’s Word many times isn’t received well. But that shouldn’t stop us from standing with God’s teachings from the Bible. Pray for Mayor Cirulli—and pray that this state mandate will be reversed.

(Source: Franklin Graham/Facebook)

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