Pro-Trump Evangelist Franklin Graham Announces ‘Science Isn’t Truth’

Pro-Trump evangelist Franklin Graham announced on Facebook that “science isn’t truth” after mangling the Imperial College London coronavirus model (which was always based on estimates/changing conditions only), evolution (man and apes descended from the same ancestor, not each other or tadpoles) and the initial short supply of N95 face masks (medical personnel needed them desperately in the early days of COVID-19):

This week Dr. Anthony Fauci made the statement that “science is truth.” Really? I would beg to differ. Science may be a quest for truth, but it is certainly fallible. I’m not against science of course, but we know that scientists often disagree.

As an example, the early Imperial College London coronavirus model has since proven wrong, and disputes continue today between the experts about the model used more recently in the U.S. And, man did not evolve from apes or tadpoles as many scientists say. That’s just not true—God created man and woman as the Bible says.

If America has an “anti-science bias” as the doctor said in his interview, it might be because we aren’t sure whether to trust those who are presenting their science to us. Dr. Fauci first told the American people they didn’t need to wear facemasks, then reversed himself to say that we did.

Then he revealed the reason that he had said that initially was because there was a shortage of facemasks! So, the facts changed to avoid a run on facemasks? That’s not a good step toward building trust.

Science isn’t truth—God is. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (John 14:6). I hope that everyone will come to know The Truth (Jesus Christ) who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This Truth can change your life for eternity!

(Source: Franklin Graham/Facebook)

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