Pro-Trump Evangelical Pastor Denies Reality: ‘No One is President-Elect’

Pastor Tim Sheets of the Oasis Church in Middletown, Ohio, claimed that “no one is president-elect” on Nov. 8 one day after Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the election, based on the results of precinct polls in most states.

Sheets predictably blamed the media and Democrats, whom he claimed were committing fraud, even though he had no evidence to back it up:

They have been fake news for quite a while. Why would we listen to the fake news? Now the fact is no one is president-elect. The fact is there has not been one state certified. The fact is the votes are still being counted. And the fact is we have God on our side…

We’ve been praying for chaos and commotion and corruption to be exposed. You just saw it! A lot of people said, “Oh, no, no. It’s not that bad. It’s not.” Well, you just saw. They are willing to lie. They are willing to be fraudulent.

They’re willing to stop an election and, in the middle of night, find thousands of votes. And the deplorables I know are not weak-kneed warriors. I run with a crowd that believes what God says is possible. May have gotten harder, but it didn’t get impossible.

(Source: Oasis Church via Twitter)

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