Pro-Trump Evangelical Leader Ken Eldred: ‘COVID Virus Has Been a Gift From God’

The Intercept reports that multi-millionaire Ken Eldred — a major donor to the far-right evangelical group United in Purpose — made some bizarre claims to his fellow members during a conference call in mid-April:

The COVID virus has been a gift from God. The kingdom of God advances through a series of glorious victories, cleverly disguised as disasters.

Eldred claimed millions were becoming Christians, people were buying Bibles from Walmart at a record pace, and online church broadcasts were reaching their highest numbers.

However, Eldred noted there have been some set-backs from the deadly virus such as mail-in voting:

Satan has been busy too. The virus has messed up many of our plans involving our in-person meetings with voters.

Eldred went on to call the Democrats the “children of darkness” because they included $400 million for election assistance (mail-in ballots which would protect voters from contracting the coronavirus):

The children of the darkness put early voting into this CARES package.

Eldred, who does not have a medical degree, reportedly claimed “we have now turned the corner on the virus,” asked God to end the coronavirus deaths and then moved on to plans on how to re-elect Trump in 2020.

(Source: The Intercept, Photo Credit: Colorado Christian Business Alliance/YouTube)

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