Pro-Trump Evangelical Leader Jerry Falwell Jr. ‘Liked’ Photos of Sexy Swimsuit Models on Instagram

Pro-Trump evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. announced he was taking an “indefinite leave of absence” as president of Liberty University on Aug. 8 after he posted (and later deleted) an Instagram photo of himself with his zipper down and underwear showing while standing next to his wife’s assistant who had her zipper down because of her pregnancy.

Religion News Service reports that Falwell also “liked” several pictures of sexy young models on Instagram:

One is a photo of model Stefanie Gurzanski, who has appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan Mexico and Maxim Mexico, posed across the back of a couch in a black one-piece suit and leopard-print high-heeled boots.

Another is an ambassador [Brooke J. Sands] for conservative student movement Turning Point USA who pairs photos of herself in swimsuits with political memes and patriotic or inspirational Christian captions.

Falwell did not respond to a request for comment.

(Sources: Religion News Service, Stefanie Gurzanski/Instagram, BrookeJSands/Instagram)

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