Pro-Trump Doctor Arrested By Cops: ‘You’re Treating Me Like A F*cking Black Person’

A self-described Trump supporter, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested at the Orlando International Airport in Florida on Aug. 16.

Epstein was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, trespassing after a warning and disorderly conduct, notes WESH.

Police claimed they were responding to an unruly passenger at the American Airlines ticket counter.

Epstein began to yell when he saw the officers arrive, but calmed down until he learned that his flight was not going to let him board, according to police.

That’s when Epstein appeared to challenge the police to arrest him:

So this guy’s trying to provoke me! He’s a law enforcement officer, and he’s trying to provoke me. Do you know how to deescalate things, genius.

No you’re not. You’re talking about me foaming at the mouth. Is that going to deescalate things, genius?

You want to test me? You want me to count backwards?

Three cops took him down to the floor where he yelled:

Don’t beat me up! Look at them. Oh my god. I can’t believe they’re doing this. Oh my god. Look at what they’re doing.

You’re treating me like a f*cking black person!

After Epstein was released from jail, he told WESH that his disruption was done to “prove a point”:

If you’re going to do this to a white doctor, who’s 59-years-old, for doing nothing, then why would black people trust you?

I’m a conservative Republican, I’m a Trump guy. But until the police fix this problem, I don’t blame black people for being upset when they get arrested.

Epstein also claimed to be teaching American Airlines about customer service:

I was no danger. I was being loud because I wanted everyone to see. I wanted everything to be out in the open. Big companies have to take care of their customers, and when they call the cops in, they got to deescalate, not escalate.

(Source: WESH)

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