Pro-Trump Country Singer Deana Carter Tells Fans to Follow ‘Prophet’ Who Calls For Obama to Be Executed

Pro-Trump country singer Deana Carter told her fans on Jan. 9 to stop listening to news reports because Christians are being “completely manipulated.”

Carter advised her fans to start following “credible people” such as QAnon conspiracy theorist and “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, self proclaimed failed “prophet” Dutch Sheets, conspiracy theorist Melissa Leggett and failed “prophetess” Amanda Grace.

Right Wing Watch noted in 2019 that Taylor, who is also a birther, called for former President Barack Obama to be executed for “treason” per his prophecy, and falsely claimed the late Sen. John McCain had been executed by a firing squad:

“[In 2015] I prophesied that President Obama would be ripped and stripped of the presidency,” Taylor said. “How you rip a president of the title called president? The only way I know of is to be charged with treason.”

“This guy has committed so many treasonous acts,” he added. “This guy is the biggest fraud in American history. He wasn’t even born here.”

“Justice can get ugly sometimes,” Taylor continued, “and with the executions, it can get ugly sometimes. John McCain was executed. We know that. He had a military tribunal and he was executed. He didn’t have cancer. That was his exit strategy to try to save his reputation; whatever reputation he had, which wasn’t much.”

“There was a prophetic sign given,” Taylor concluded. “The racehorse called Barack Obama was euthanized. I’m just going to leave that prophetic sign right there. Now we may never know that he’s been executed or some of these people have been executed; their exit strategy may be that they come down with a funky disease and then we no longer see them anymore.”

Right Wing Watch reports that Taylor has also claimed that Christians who voted for Biden have cursed their families for generations, insisted those who oppose Trump oppose God, lied about California trying to legalize pedophilia, and called for Trump to arrest Democrats — incluidng Obama and Clinton — before the election because “the patriots are fed up.”

Still visibly bitter over the presidential election loss, Carter also quoted numerous Bible verses — many specifically written to Jewish people 2,000 years ago — in an attempt to convince herself and her fellow Trump fans that God is on their side.

(Sources: Deana Carter/YouTube, Right Wing Watch,

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