Pro-Trump Country Singer Deana Carter Claims God is Using Deadly Coronavirus as ‘Wake Up Call’

Pro-Trump country singer Deana Carter claimed during her weekly video that God was using the deadly coronavirus as a “wake up call.”

On March 14, Carter urged her fans not to listen to (accurate) media reports about the coronavirus, but rather go to the White House website instead, even though President Donald Trump has lied continuously about the deadly virus.

On March 27, Carter began her claim by co-opting a Bible verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14, specifically written to Jewish people 2,000 years ago and pretending that it was somehow applicable to Christians in the U.S.

Carter also attacked Buddhists by saying (at the 16:12 mark): “An empty gold statue of a little fat man is not going to do a thing to save you.”

However, Buddha never claimed to be a savior or God.

(Source: Deana Carter/YouTube)

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