Pro-Trump Country Singer Deana Carter Attacks Atheists ‘Because I Have Love In My Heart’

Country singing star Deana Carter, who supports President Donald Trump, questioned how atheists could ever live a fulfilled life and mocked them “because I have love in my heart.”

During her weekly Bible study on YouTube, Carter tried to mock atheists based on her own painfully ignorant view of atheism:

No offense to anyone who is an atheist, because I have love in my heart for everyone. But I just don’t really understand how an atheist could have a fulfilled life at all, like if they don’t believe in anything. I actually don’t believe atheists exist because they have to believe in something (chuckles).

But if you just think that this is it, like, how sad is that, how can your life be exciting and fun if you’re just gonna, I don’t know, if there’s no hope beyond it, if there’s no purpose, like what are we living towards and for?

And to an atheist, in my opinion and from my perspective, what’s the point in trying to leave a better place if when you go, there’s nothing any way for the next person and the next generation and the next generation . It’s just all for naught, and it’s a mute point, then what is the point?

At the end of her video, Carter promoted the pro-Trump telephone prayer groups set up by supposed prophet Mary Colbert who has a history of wild false claims, noted Right Wing Watch.

(Sources: Deana Carter/YouTube, Right Wing Watch)

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