Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists Demand Utah Hospital ‘Prove’ Their COVID-19 Patients

Utah Valley Hospital in Provo is being harassed by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists who are demanding proof that COVID-19 patients are in the medical center.

The science deniers claim that a small number of cars outside the facility is evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, when in reality there are posted restrictions in the parking lot, which is normal for hospitals during a pandemic.

The conspiracy theorists have tried and failed to sneak into the hospital to film the ICU units, reports KSL-TV.

Bryan Grossman, whose wife worked as a nurse and died from COVID-19 at the hospital, told The Daily Beast the deniers are trying to help the most famous denier, President Donald Trump:

They’re trying to protect the president. They want to make this all fake. It’s not fake. Talk to your nearest nurse or doctor. They’ll tell you this is real.

Hospital administrator Kyle Hansen told the Provo city council last week about the bizarre harassment:

It’s conspiracy theorists that believe what they’re being told is not accurate. They’re determined to videotape and capture the proof of that by accessing our facilities. We’ve had some people get really creative in how they’ve lied about coming in for an appointment or other things. We have an inordinate amount of phone calls that we’re receiving every day from the community wanting to know: “Is your ICU really full?”

(Sources: The Daily Beast, KSL-TV)

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