Pro-Trump Church-Going Mom Says Capitol Riot Was ‘Fun Mother-Daughter Trip’

Janet Casserley says she took her adult daughter Krystle Sommers to the anti-democracy Trump rally in Washington D.C., and then went to the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, which she described as a “fun mother-daughter trip” from Florida. In a video from the infamous riot, Sommers cheered, “We stormed it, and they are taking it part!” (READ MORE BELOW)

Casserley told WWSB they were “told” by persons unknown to go to the Capitol (where the bloody riot took place and killed five people):

My daughter and I went to D.C. to support our president and it was a peaceful demonstration and we walked down to the Capitol which we were told to do. And I wanted to get right up there and I even wanted to climb the scaffold to get up there myself.

Casserley also tried to justify a controversial photo showing her by a noose that was reportedly intended for Vice President Mike Pence (for not supporting Trump’s effort to stop the vote certification): “We all stood up there having our pictures taken. I mean this is history making.”

Casserley tried to distance her daughter’s husband from the infamous riot because he works at the Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, Florida, that denounced the attendees.

(Sources: WWSB, Danny Samitz/Facebook, Bayside Community Church/Facebook)

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