Pro-Trump Christian Radio Host: Hydroxychloroquine is ‘Safe’ to Take For COVID-19

Christian radio host Frank Sontag claimed on June 5 that a retracted study about hydroxychloroquine from The Lancet, a medical journal in the UK, somehow meant the drug was “safe” to take for COVID-19.

Sontag — who broadcasts from KKLA in Los Angeles — also suggested the retracted study, performed by Surgisphere, was possibly a conspiracy against President Donald Trump who said he took hydroxychloroquine (although the White House doctor never confirmed he did).

Sontag, a COVID-19 skeptic, claimed the entire incident meant that hydroxychloroquine is “safe” to take for COVID-19, however, Crain’s Chicago Business reported a “retracted study cannot prove a drug is safe.

There has not been one clinical trial, yet, that proves hydroxychloroquine is “safe” or effective for coronavirus patients.

(Sources: KKLA, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Lancet)

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