Pro-Trump Christian Radio Host Eric Metaxas Says Kids Should Be ‘Frightened’ Of LGBT People Whom He Compares To Child Molesters

Christian radio host Eric Metaxas — who has stood by President Donald Trump through adultery, pay-offs to porn stars and bragging about sexual assault —  expressed shock over a new version of “Anne of Green Gables” that includes a reference to a gay character.

Metaxas insisted in The Christian Post that Anne and her friend Diana should have been “frightened” of LGBT people (they were not) in the Netflix series “Anne with an E”:

It turns out the party is a “queer soiree,” featuring men dressed as women, and wearing heavy makeup, and women dressed as men. They are there to honor the memory of Josephine’s departed “partner,” Gertrude.

Looking around her, Anne exclaims to Diana, “Isn’t this the most amazing group of people!”

Well, I can’t help thinking that if a sheltered young girl like Anne actually encountered cross-dressing men and women in 1908, she would be shocked and probably frightened—not delighted.

Metaxas keeps up his homophobe tone by using an old bigoted stereotype of comparing LGBT people to child molesters:

And in case you missed the gay-is-good point of the episode, the writers have Anne asking another character: “How can there be anything wrong with a life if it’s spent with a person you love?”

To answer Anne’s question: Plenty. People have suffered greatly through inappropriate “love”: For instance, a child whose father decided to love someone other than his wife, or a child who is loved, in an erotic way, by an adult.

(Source: The Christian Post, Photo Credit: Eric Metaxas/Twitter)


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