Pro-Trump Christian Radio Host: Atheists Cannot Condemn ‘Crime As Evil’

Pro-Trump Christian radio host Frank Sontag claimed on May 1 that atheists have no ability to condemn “crime as evil,” on Los Angeles station KKLA.

Sontag, who has denied man-made climate change, began by claiming atheists do not really dismiss God because they believe themselves to be God:

What does that exactly mean? So you don’t believe in God at all. Ehh, I’m not actually buying it. At the very least, on some level, you believe in yourself as God, right? Not the God of the universe.

Without God we are doomed to death. And the idea of living this very short life without a belief in God. This life has no ultimate meaning, It has no ultimate value, no ultimate purpose. And dare I say, what’s the point?

Sontag went on to complain how Jesus was being “marginalized.” Sontag also claimed that agnostics believe in God, and asked those God-believing agnostics to call his show.

Sontag then launched into the familiar evangelical claims about atheists not being able to discern from right or wrong, or determine what equality is:

Truly without God you can have no objective standard about what right and wrong is… If you do not have a relationship with God it is impossible for you to condemn crime as evil. By what standards?

To praise love, by what standards? Here’s the buzzword of the day: equality. Without God you’ve got no ability to say, “Well equality is good.” By what standards?

(Source: KKLA)

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