Pro-Trump, Anti-Health Care Activist Heads Nationwide Protests Against Coronavirus Safety Guidelines on May 1

Pro-Trump and anti-health care activist Amy Kremer is coordinating a nationwide protest on May 1 to oppose coronavirus safety guidelines that require non-essential businesses to close temporarily in order to slow the deadly COVID-19 virus, which has killed more than 60,000 Americans.

Kremer’s history includes spreading rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health in 2016, claiming in 2012 that President Obama didn’t love America, defending a racist who sent an email about Obama being a witchdoctor in 2009, and calling for the defunding Obamacare, which would have left 20 million Americans without health care.

Kremer, a co-founder of Women for Trump, is coordinating the protests against COVID-19 safety through her organization Women for America First, which has started a new website called “MAGA May Day.

Kremer’s “MAGA May Day” website (below) parrots the ridiculous Republican talking point: “The cure cannot be more dangerous than the disease.”

Since the disease causes death, it’s literally impossible for the cure to be “more dangerous.”

Kremer’s website also fails to mention that coronavirus carriers can show no symptoms (asymptomatic) and still infect healthy people who can infect more people.

Important: We are NOT anti-quarantine. This virus is not a hoax. It is very real and we must protect the most vulnerable…health care workers, the elderly, those who are immuno-compromised, and others. However, America cannot destroy the lives and dreams of the majority to protect a few. The cure cannot be more dangerous than the disease. We risk losing who we are as a nation by completely shutting down the country and the economy. Americans are strong, resilient, and independent!

(Sources: Amy Kremer/Twitter, Mediaite, POLITICO, MSNBC, Women for America First, MAGA May Day, Talking Points Memo, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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