Pro-Police Supporters Ignore Cops As Rally Turns Violent in Arizona: ‘Hunting Season Opens Early This Year’

Pro-police Blue Line Supporters ignored police warnings in a confrontation with Black Lives Matter counter-protesters during a rally in Gilbert, Arizona, on Aug. 20.

The Arizona Republic reports that pro-police protesters were “caught on video threatening and punching counter-protesters.”

The pro-police demonstrators reportedly yelled homophobic and racist slurs, and performed Nazi salutes.

The Arizona Republic notes the violent rally was promoted in various Facebook groups by people who said “they would come from across the Valley to stop or hurt ‘antifa’ and Black Lives Matter supporters, with statements like ‘Kill them all,’ ‘Run them over,’ or ‘Hunting season opens early this year boys.’

Emily Hansen, a Black Lives Matter protester, said the pro-police supporters are “propagating this antifa boogeyman” which is “terrifying.”

(Source: The Arizona Republic)

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