Pro-Police Protesters Attack Black Lives Matter March, Knock Girl to Ground

A group of pro-police Back the Blue protesters, some wearing Trump hats, attacked a peaceful Black Lives Matter march and knocked a 12-year-old girl to the ground in Hudson Valley, New York on July 18.

TriCornerNews notes the incident that was filmed:

At one point, a grown man was recorded hitting a 12 year old child, knocking her to the ground, and a scuffle with the girl’s mother occurred. Another woman, Margerite Pastor, intervened, and was hit in the face while her attacker reportedly laughed. When she tried to enlist help from officials, she said she was told she’d have to report it later...

Tia Scott, a 17 year old who is biracial, spoke at length about the terror she felt at Saturday’s rally. A resident of Pawling, she said it was deeply troubling.

“It was really rough. We were attacked, there was yelling, spitting, we were told to go home, and called the ‘N-word,’ coward and filth,” she said. “I’ll never forget the look of hatred that was in their eyes.” 

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that “physical confrontations” during the event “appeared to be racial in nature rather than a difference of opinion toward law enforcement“:

Some participants in the law enforcement rally hurled slurs and stood in the path of the Black Lives protesters, and the sides at times exchanged shoves and swings. In one confrontation, a man shouting “all lives matter” at the passing group of Black Lives Matter protesters lunged at the group and several officers jumped in to separate the sides… Royal Parker, organizer of the Black Lives Matters rally, said five protesters suffered minor injuries, one of whom was a young girl.

(Sources: Poughkeepsie Journal, TriCornerNews, thee_candidate/Instagram)

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