Pro-Police, Pro-Trump Demonstrator Calls Teen a ‘N-Word Lover’

A pro-police demonstrator called cursed at a white teen and called him a “n*gger lover” because he supported Black Lives Matter in Smithtown, New York on June 7, reports Patch (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

At the beginning of the video, the pro-police protester’s friend waved a “Trump 2020” flag to taunt the teen who was filming them with his phone.

The racist man told some police that the teen was harassing them, and went into his profane rant:

You should have been an abortion! You’re a piece of sh*t. That’s it, go back and get some breast milk from your mommy, you n*gger lover!

The teen’s mom Seamus O’Toole tweeted the video on June 8 and added:

My teenage son was assaulted with a Trump flag in Smithtown Long Island yesterday while peacefully protesting. He was called a f*ggot and n*gger lover. Cops did nothing. @Newsday, @perrygershon, @News12LI, @Yashar,@KamalaHarris @kathygriffin

Another pro-police demonstrator was filmed calling a black man a “f*cking n*gger.”

As Black Lives matter protesters marched, the pro-Trump and pro-police crowd shouted: “USA! USA!”

A man named Alejandro said on Instagram that he and his friends were attacked by the pro-police demostrators who slashed his buddy’s neck.

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My name is Alejandro I’m 22 from longisland New York. Today in the town of smithtown longisland about 15 minutes where I live me and 4 of my other friends went to a peaceful black lives matter protest. It was peaceful until my friends and I left the protest group for a some water and snacks. We walked past a very large group of white supremacists. As we were walking past they were yelling racist things to my small group and antagonizing us i decided be peaceful and enlighten them on why we protesting, asking just to have a conversation with them and let them know what we stand for and try to understand where they are coming from. They lured me in saying ok lets talk and as i approached the mob of racists i was sucker punched on the side of my head and then the group started jumping me, my 3 friends and my girlfriend immediately started fighting for me and defending me. They swung on my girl friend and attacked my friends and i with weapons. Hitting us with bats and one was even carrying numchucks and striked my friend in his face/head leaving a huge gash on his head covering him up in blood. They truly started attacking us with no warning, We had our hands up seeking a conversation and they lured us in just to hurt us. The police broke it up and instead of immediately grabbing the people who attacked us with weapons, they grabbed me and my friend group up instead. They didn’t say a word to the white supremacists and let them get away with what happened completely. One of the white supremacists even tried yelling to the cops THAT WE HAD A GUN WHEN THEY WERE THE ONES WITH WEAPONS! The cops forced us to go to the police station right away where they did not care and couldn’t have made it anymore obvious, the officer taking our report said “what do you expect it’s your fault for going don’t you see the news” and than said that “well the paper work is done good luck” practically mocking us and not even acknowledging the fact that we were innocently just walking down the street , and got attacked with weapons ASSAULTED ME AND EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS. I have a video of these men with the weapons clearly in their hands and them yelling racist things.

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(Sources: Seamus O’Toole/Twitter, Dior Morales/Twitter, You Tube, ivpokko/Instagram, Patch)

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