Pro-Life Southern Baptist Convention Removes Video That Opposes Cruelty To Animals

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission removed a video that shows theologian and ethicist Charles Camosy urging people not to be cruel to animals.

However, the Friendly Atheist saved a copy of the video before it was deleted, and transcribed Camosy’s message:

Well, it’s one of those more interesting issues that the pro-life movement doesn’t generally take up. But I’ve done a little bit of my own work on this, and I think non-human animals, though obviously not as important as human animals, merit our serious attention.

They’re also vulnerable. They’re also voiceless. They also are pushed to the margins because they’re inconvenient, interestingly, just like prenatal children are.

And there’s a growing number of people who are pro-life in that they’re anti-abortion, but also pro-life in that they want to stand up for the dignity of non-human animals. And that’s a leading edge — a growing edge, if you will — of the pro-life movement in 2018.

ERLC’s vice president for communications, Daniel Darling, explained on the ERLC website why the video had to come down: 

[T]he views in that video do not reflect the views of ERLC. We believe what the Bible says about the unique dignity of human life. Only humans are created in the image of God.

Only humans were described by Scripture as having been sculpted by God from the dust of the ground and knit together in the womb.

Only humans are the objects of Christ’s sacrificial love on the cross. This is a particularly embarrassing mistake for me because I just finished writing a book on the image of God that makes the exact opposite argument from the one seen in the video.

(Sources: Friendly Atheist, ERLC)

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