‘Pro-Life’ Rep. Trey Hollingsworth Says Choose ‘Loss of American Lives’ Over ‘Loss of Our Way of Life as Americans’

Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN), who claims to be “pro-life,” told Indianapolis’s WIBC radio station that the U.S. will have to choose a “loss of American lives” over a “loss of our way of life as Americans.”

Hollingsworth claimed there is no “zero-harm” option and that the U.S. must choose the economy over human lives lost to the deadly virus:

Both of these decisions will lead to harm for individuals, whether that’s dramatic economic harm or whether that’s the loss of life.

But it is always the American government’s position to say, in the choice between the loss of our way of life as Americans and the loss of American lives, we have to always choose the latter.

In 2017, Hollingsoworth wrote his pro-life commitment on Facebook:

Life is sacred no matter what stage. I am proud to remain steadfast in my commitment to life and will continue fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Hollingsworth is a long time opponent of Obamacare, which extended health care coverage to more than 20 million Americans.

(Sources: WIBC, The Statehouse File, Representative Trey Hollingsworth/Facebook, Photo Credit: Trey Hollingsworth/Twitter)

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