‘Pro-Life’ Rep. Scott DesJarlais Says God Forgave Him For Sex With Patients, Supporting Abortions

Republican Rep  Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee reportedly had sex with two patients, three co-workers and a drug company representative when he was a doctor, and supported two women when they had three abortions.

DesJarlais, who claims to be a pro-life Christian, paid a $500 fine to the by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners in 2013 for having sex with his patients, notes the Daily Mail.

DesJarlais was chief of staff at the Grandview Medical Center in Jasper, Tennessee, when he slept with the women.

DesJarlais’ behavior has not hurt him politically as he has been  re-elected by Tennessee’s conservative 4th district that stretches from outside Chattanooga to close to the suburbs of Nashville.

DesJarlais would not comment to the Daily Mail, but stated in 2012:

I know God’s forgiven me…I simply ask my fellow Christians and constituents to consider doing the same for me.

The two female patients who had sex with DesJarlais refused to talk about the incidents with the Daily Mail.

When one of the patients thought she was pregnant, DesJarlais reportedly promised the woman, whom he referred to as “psycho,” that he would take her to Atlanta to have an abortion.

DesJarlais reportedly supported his first wife, Susan Lohr, when she decided to have two abortions even though he votes against that choice for other women.

DesJarlais recalled in court during his divorce from Lohr: I don’t think it was easy for either one of us. I think it was a very difficult and poor choice and I think that there are probably regrets both ways.”

DesJarlais also recalled threatening suicide with a gun while married to Lohr.

Lohr would not comment to the DailyMail, but a friend of Lohr’s said: “She absolutely hates his guts.”


DesJarlais’ spokesman Brendan Thomas stated:

He is doing a great job for the people of Tennessee. He has been for a number of years since these issues emerged and his voters clearly agree with him.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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